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As we head full-force into the holiday shopping season, you've probably got your eyes peeled not just for gift ideas, but also for bargains. Sure, Black Friday is on its way with "doorbuster" deals, but you might not want to line up in front of a big-box store in the middle of the night and fight your way across the store to the right shelf. Even when buying gifts online, you don't want to find that a popular item is out of stock because you didn't hit the "Buy" button within five seconds of the start of the sale.

Some outright freebies with an unlimited supply might be just what the doctor ordered, and Google is writing the prescription.

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Over the past few days, we've seen two interesting offers arriving in our email from Google, itself. The first one is for a whopping six free months of the digital edition of The Washington Post (Android, iOS). If you're an Amazon Prime customer, then you already have access to this deal. But if you don't have a Prime subscription, clicking on Google's offer in your email is a pretty good alternative.

We qualified for this offer by being a user of Google Pay, the company's competitor to Apple Pay. As you might imagine, there's no iOS version of Google Pay, so iPhone and iPad users will be locked out.

Of course, there's some fine print: The deal can't be used by current Washington Post subscribers, the offer expires on December 31, and you'll be automatically charged $10 a month when the trial expires, unless you cancel. For Prime customers, Amazon (Android, iOS) ultimately has the better offer, because it charges only $4 a month after the trial expires.

The second deal in our inbox is for three months of YouTube Premium (Android, iOS), which is being offered to Google One subscribers. With YouTube Premium (formerly known as YouTube Red), ads get removed, you can download videos, and there's a growing library of legit original content like Cobra Kai and Origin. It also includes a subscription to YouTube Music, which is its competitor to Spotify (Android, iOS). YouTube Premium ordinarly costs $12 a month.

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Google One can be thought of as an enhanced version of Google Drive (Android, iOS). In addition to cloud storage, you get premium tech support, the ability to share your account with up to five other family members, and the occasional perk -- like three months of YouTube Premium for free. However, like Google Pay, there is no iOS app.

Of course, like The Washington Post offer, this YouTube Premium promo is only for new subscribers. And a lot of people will fall under this umbrella: "Offer only available to customers who are not current YouTube Premium, YouTube Music Premium, or Google Play Music subscribers, have not been YouTube Premium, YouTube Music Premium, or Google Play Music subscribers nor participated in a YouTube Red or Google Play Music trial before."

Also, you must have created a Google One account before November 12, and the offer expires December 31. But if you can jump through all of Google's hoops, we recommend checking it out. YouTube without ads -- and in a way that still compensates content creators for their work -- is a good place to be.

If you don't see these offers in your inbox, they may have dropped into your spam folder, so be sure to check there as well.


  • Google is emailing its customers free trial offers for The Washington Post and YouTube Premium. To qualify for the Post offer, you must be a Google Pay user; to qualify for the YouTube offer, you must be a Google One subscriber.

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