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Pixomatic's $5 app for mixing multiple images now available for free on iOS

The Pixomatic app (iOS, Android) usually costs $5, but it's is free to download today. While it's unclear how long the app won't have a price tag, it's a great time to check it out.

Pixomatic is a "desktop level quality" photo editing app. It's like having a more manageable Adobe Photoshop (iOS, Android) in your pocket.

The app makes it easier to accurately cut around an image and layer it onto another. Pixomatic even promises easier edits on... Read More »

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'Unifie' selfie app can put you in the same picture with friends and family around the world

The older we get, it's less likely that all of our friends will be in the same 10-mile radius as they once were. We rely on social media, texting, and video chats to keep in touch with people around the world.

The Unifie app (iOS, Android) can let you take a real-time selfie with faraway friends and loved ones. The app is available for download, but is still in beta testing in some areas.

Similar to a private... Read More »

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Snapchat rolls out Cat Lenses to prove once again that cats own the internet

If you open my smartphone photo library, you'll see at least twenty photos of my cats immediately. I'm talking a dozen photos of the same pose, not even doing anything exceptional. In short, I love cats and taking pictures of my cats.

If you do too, Snapchat (iOS, Android) is rolling out "Cat Lenses." The new feature will drop a filter on you and your feline friend.

Filters range from angels and devils to kissy... Read More »

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Facebook launches 3D photos to transform your everyday pictures

First announced at F8 in May, Facebook is rolling out 3D photo capabilities through portrait mode. The feature adds the illusion of depth into your photos, Facebook said.

"3D photos can help you feel even closer to the people, places and things you share on Facebook and relive your memories in a way that feels more real," Facebook 360 said on its page.

The feature is limited to dual-lens smartphones with portrait-mode capability. 3D photos can also be viewed in... Read More »

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Moment is the photo app you need to create better images on your phone

Almost everyone has a smartphone and, to some extent, uses its camera for things like snapshots of an awesome dinner out of the town, for selfies at a fun local event, and -- my favorite -- for images of the morning sunrise or evening sunset. We usually grab these shots with the stock camera app on our smartphone. But for the creatives at heart, using specialized camera apps are the way to go... Read More »

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The 2 big app announcements at the 2018 #MadebyGoogle event

Google's 2018 product event revealed the company's newest products and OS update. New devices include the Google Pixel 3, the Pixel Slate, and Google Home Hub. But there were also some important software and app announcements bundled in.

These were the two biggest ones:

1. New "Top Shot" feature in camera app

Google spent a lot of the Pixel 3 announcement talking about the phone's upgraded camera features, which were almost all based on software and artificial intelligence.

The most significant one is the... Read More »

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Google testing new advanced photo effects to compete with Apple iPhone XS

Earlier this month, Apple gave an impressive demo of the upgraded camera capabilities of the new iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR. The new phones incorporate real-time machine learning, Smart HDR, zero shutter lag, and a four-frame buffer to produce the best photo.

One of the most interesting features was Depth Control, letting users change the background blurriness of a photo after it's been taken. Seemingly to keep up with Apple's advances, Google Photos version 3.23 is starting to circulate... Read More »

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HDRInstant app can make gorgeous images from drone videos

Ever had an instance where you're shooting drone video and you thought, "I should have snapped a still from that scene!" I have this problem more often than I care to admit. Fortunately, I have a few options to grab a still beyond clicking the screenshot button in Windows. Better yet, there's an option to create actual HDR images from your video stills. Let's take a look at HDRInstant.

What is HDRInstant

HDRInstant is a cross-platform desktop application for Windows designed... Read More »

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Sharpen Your Image Editing Skills With These Photo Editors for Mac

The Mac does not want for handy and capable photo editors. From the free and surprisingly powerful Photos for MacOS to the 800-pound Photoshop gorilla, Mac users have a quite a few useful photography apps for editing images.

Mac Photo Editing FAQS

What to look for in a Mac photo editor? Our recommended photo editors can all easily handle the basics, including the ability to crop, rotate, straighten, and tweak the brightness... Read More »

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Edit Your Images Like a Pro With These Photo-Editing Apps

Don't settle for Microsoft Paint. It's gotten better over the years, but you and your photos (which we're sure are amazing) deserve better. The good news is that you don't have to break the bank, or even spend any money at all, to find better options. Let's show you what they are.

Photo Editor Software FAQ

... Read More »

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