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Black Friday shoppers should be wary of scammers with fake apps

As Black Friday approaches and shoppers scour the Internet for deals, scammers are also coming out of the woodwork to intercept your credit cards, debit cards, and whatever else you plan to use to buy things online over the course of the next few weeks. According to cybersecurity research firm RiskIQ, you could get caught in this net if you're not watching closely enough.

Last year, RiskIQ estimated that 40 percent of Black Friday and Cyber Monday shoppers in 2016... Read More »

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Google offers The Washington Post free for 6 months, plus 3 months of YouTube Premium

As we head full-force into the holiday shopping season, you've probably got your eyes peeled not just for gift ideas, but also for bargains. Sure, Black Friday is on its way with "doorbuster" deals, but you might not want to line up in front of a big-box store in the middle of the night and fight your way across the store to the right shelf. Even when buying gifts online, you don't want to find that a popular item... Read More »

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'J-SOS' emergency app keeps Jewish and Israeli travelers safe

Traveling in a country where you're unfamiliar with the language can be stressful. If you're in that country during an emergency situation, the stress can quickly turn to panic.

J-SOS (iOS, Android) was developed for Jewish and Israeli people, at home or traveling, to access emergency services quickly during a dangerous situation like a terrorist attack or natural disaster.

When the user presses the app's SOS button, they can qualify what type of emergency is happening, whether... Read More »

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Skip Black Friday lines at Target and Walmart with mobile app checkout

We've all seen the viral videos and news segments on the huge crowds that flood retail outlets across the country to take advantage of Black Friday sales. Brick and mortar stores are now trying to simplify everything for everyone, creating a multitude of options that can save you the hassle of elbowing through outlets.

Late last month, Walmart unveiled a variety of upgrades to their stores, website, and app to make the checkout process as painless as it... Read More »

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AT&T to launch parental control app with filtering, location, and alerts

AT&T customers are getting a new parental control app just in time for holiday season gift giving. For $7.99 a month, any parent can monitor up to 10 lines, and the plan includes not just location tracking, but purchase prevention.

Through the Secure Family plan, parents can receive messages when their children arrive at destinations like school or extra curricular activities and monitor what apps are downloaded through the App Store or Google Play. Parents can even set time limits... Read More »

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'Wonder Weeks' app lets parents track every baby-moment milestone

Something every parent has heard (or said) is that babies don't come with instruction manuals. But the "What to Expect" book series and similar books have aided in filling in the blanks.

The "Wonder Weeks" book, written by Franx Plooij and Hetty van de Rijt, in the early '90s, went digital for a new generation with an award-winning app.

The Wonder Weeks app (iOS, Android) helps parents understand the mental development of their baby with calendars, charts,... Read More »

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7 best cycling apps for tracking and optimizing your workouts

The fresh air, wind in your hair, and scenery beyond compare. There's nothing more relaxing than a leisurely bike ride on a Sunday afternoon. But you're not that kind of cyclist. You're looking to train for a cycling race or triathlon. You want to bike boldly where no biker has biked before. These seven workout apps will train you, direct you along your routes, and analyze your performance, so you hit that finish line -- no matter your goal.

SEE: Get healthy with the 9 best fitness tracker apps... Read More »

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How to erase your weird YouTube watch history

We've all searched for some weird things online. You might use old Richard Simmons videos for your workouts or be a little too fond of Dr. Pimple-Popper's channel.

In case you went looking for something on YouTube (iOS, Android) that you'd rather no one else know about, here's how to delete it.

Open the YouTube app Tap the profile icon in the upper-right cornerTap "Settings"Tap "History and Privacy"Tap "Clear Watch History"

SEE: How to stop Google from tracking your location and activities

If... Read More »

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Missile alert app saves lives in Israel but keeps anxiety high

A bungled Israeli special forces raid in Gaza sparked a two-day bombing streak from Hamas and other Palestinian militant groups. An Egyptian-mediated agreement stopped the rain of 400 rockets and mortar on Tuesday.

The Red Alert app (iOS, Android) was developed in response to the 2014 Israel-Gaza conflict, also known as Operation Protective Edge. The app provides real-time notifications when missiles or rockets are fired into Israel.

The app is designed to give Israelis in the affected... Read More »

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Lyft's ambitious new push: Tip defaults, better driver ratings, more features every month

Like Coke and Pepsi, the rideshare world has developed its own No. 1 and No. 2 players in Uber and Lyft, respectively. But as we've seen over the course of the year, Lyft may not be content to ride shotgun on this journey. This summer, Lyft redesigned its app to integrate public transit and partnered with Southwest Airlines to compete with conventional car rentals. It's also experimented with scooter rentals, provided free or discounted rides for midterm election voters,... Read More »

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